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French Bulldog Guarantee/Sales Contract

Litter Name "__________" AVID MICROCHIP #________________

DOB ___________ Color _______________________ Sex _________

This guarantee/contract valid from date of purchase until (1 year old).  After this date, warranty is expired.

Hip dysplasia - severe case, requiring radical surgery to return puppy to an ambulatory state.  Must have x-ray and 2 opinions from 2 unrelated Veterinarians.  Puppy must be positively identified on x-ray, microchip number must be present on film.  Spinal, heart, pancreas, kidney defects of a severe life threatening nature (imminent paralysis, heart problem that is life threating, diabetes, uremic poisoning due to kidney failure, chronic pancreatitis, kidney failure) must have 2 opinions from 2 unrelated Veterinarians.  Breeder reserves the right to have breeders Veterinarian confer on any case.  Breeder reserves the right to have breeders Veterinarian or a Veterinarian of breeders choosing examine puppy at any time.  Opinions must reach same conclusion.  Unrelated Veterinarians means two separate Veterinarians NOT working together or in same clinic.

  1. Buyer must report any medical problems immediately to breeder.  If this French Bulldog is returned within 10 days of purchase a full refund will be given.  After the 10 days and until 1 year of age, if this French Bulldog has a health condition that is covered under this guarantee, buyer much return affected puppy to breeder immediately and breeder will replace this puppy with one of equal or greater value from a new litter.  Buyer will not receive a monetary refund of any kind; either partial or full, buyer will receive a replacement puppy.  In some cases breeder will request euthanasia.  If breeder requests this, buyer must have it done to get replacement puppy.
  2. This warranty does not cover what we in French Bulldogs consider normal:  Cherry eye, entropion, ectropion, umbilical hernia, inguinal hernia, loose hips, loose knees, infertility, allergies, bacterial infection of any kind, fungus, parasitic infection, hyproplastic trachea, soft palate issues, respiratory infections, kennel cough, tail abnormalities, demodex mange, stenotis nares, cosmetic issues, buyer ignorance, neglect, incompetent Veterinarians or anything not included above.
  3. Buyer must take puppy to a Veerinarian within time allotted below.  Seller recommends that Buyer have the puppy's stool checked for parasites.  Buyer must email or phone breeder the results of this exam by 10 P.M. on same day no matter what results are.  Email [email protected] or phone 540-436-9405.  Buyer doesn't need to get an official report, just tell breeder if it went well or problems were found.  Failure to do this renders this guarantee void and buyer gives up right to any compensation.  Breeder's responsibilities are terminated by buyer's failure to report Veterinarian findings, or by buyer's not getting puppy to Veterinarian in time allotted.  Buyer has 3 days from pick-up to take puppy to Veterinarian.  Report back to breeder immediately!
  4. This puppy has been vaccinated with its first DHPP puppy shot and it still needs follow-up DHPP shots and Rabies shot.  Do not administer any nasal Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccine or Lymes vaccine, as it has been proven to be hazardous to puppies.  This puppy is current on shots and dewormings, do not vaccinate for at least 14 days.  Every effort has been made by breeder to insure pups health.  Puppy has been recently examined by breeders Veterinarian and appears healthy.  This puppy is made by God and is not perfect. 
  5. Puppy is guaranteed against life threatening viral infection of Parvo or Distemper for 48 hours after puppy leaves breeder's home.  Buyer must have ELISA test performed if claiming viruses.  Test must be performed within the 48-hour period!  If puppy lives, breeder will pay Vet bill UP TO $450.00.  If puppy dies, it will be replaced with a puppy of equal or greater value from a new litter.  Any costs above $450.00 are buyer's responsibility.
  6. Seller guarantee that the puppy does not have the Canine Flu and buyer takes full responsibility to make sure that the puppy isn't exposed to dogs with the Canine Flu.  This disease is spread at public places where dogs gather, shows, dog parks, community grounds.
  7. If puppy dies within this time frame, buyer will pay to have it autopsied.  If cause is found to be congenital or genetic, buyer will replace the puppy with another puppy of equal or greater value from a new litter.  Breeder reserves the right to confer with buyers Veterinarian in this case to determine cause of death.
  8. Buyer is responsible for all Veterinarian bills.  Breeder will not pay any Vet bills other than in a confirmed case of Parvo or Distemper as explained above.  Buyer agrees that he/she is responsible for ALL Veterinarian bills after puppy comes home to buyer.
  9. Puppy is sold as a Companion/Pet with AKC papers, Limited Registration, not to be used for breeding or show.  And for the well being of this puppy he or she should be neutered or spayed around 6 months of age.
  10. Buyer understands that deposits are not refundable under any circumstance except if puppy is found to suffer serious health problems by breeders Veterinarian.  Breeder will inform buyer if health problems are found.
  11. Not getting puppy to buyers Veterinarian within time allotted and reporting back to breeder, not reporting any/all abnormal results within this 1-year time frame immediately, not obtaining 2 reports from 2 separate Veterinarians, not getting puppy to a Veterinarian of breeders choice if breeder request it, not returning affected puppy to breeder within 10 days renders this guarantee void and buyer gives up all right to any compensation from breeder.
  12. Buyer understands the issues of the breed and its needs and agrees to provide premium food, proper preventative care, care of any hygiene needs and to house the puppy correctly inside.  Buyer will keep puppy current on shots and heartworm prevention.  Buyer is responsible for any/all conditions not specifically listed above or any that could be due to accident, injury, poisoning, and ignorance/neglect on buyer's part.  Buyer understands and accepts this.
  13. This French Bulldog will be housed indoors and only taken outside for exercise and to relieve itself.  If the breeder finds out that this French Bulldog is not being taken care of properly or is being kept outside, the breeder can take possession of this French Bulldog.
  14. Buyer agrees to exercise normal care in maintaining this French Bulldog's health.  Routine preventive care including the following:  annual physical examinations by a licensed Veterinarian, annual vaccines against DHPP, annual fecal examinations, annual screening tests for heartworm detection and rabies vaccinations as mandated by the buyer's state of residence.  Heartworm prevention and Flea/Tick prevention are also recommended.
  15. Buyer agrees to never sell or give away this French Bulldog.  If at any time the buyer does not want or cannot keep this French Bulldog, the French Bulldog will be returned with its vaccination record to the breeder for FREE and the breeder will take care of this French Bulldog until a permanent home for FREE can be found.  If the buyer sells or gives away this French Bulldog, buyer agree to compensate breeder for breeder's legal fees and other costs associated with recovery of the dog from buyer's transferee.  Breeder is a responsible breeder and does not want any of their French Bulldog ending up in Animal Shelters, Rescue Leagues or being put to sleep.
  16. Euthanasia is not allowed except in an emergency case and breeder must be notified.
  17. Buyer will notify breeder if their address changes or if there is a divorce or break-up in the owner's relationship. 
  18. This puppy should be kept out of training classes until it is 6 months of age.  Body harnesses, buckle collars or martingale collars are the only devices you should use on this French Bulldog.  Never use a head harness on this French Bulldog.
  19. The goal and full intent is for the Buyer to have this French Bulldog for its lifetime.

Deposit is non-refundable once a puppy is chosen in the event that buyer changes their mind before they pick-up the puppy.  If breeder feels that is not the right family for this puppy, deposit will be returned and contract will be cancelled.  Breeder reserves the right to refuse to sell to anyone.

Buyer agrees that jurisdiction and place of venue is Shenandoah County, Virginia.

Breeder neither makes nor implies any guarantee or warranty other than what is put forth in this document.  Buyer understands and agrees to these conditions of sale.  Buyer has read and has been given a copy of this warranty.  This constitutes the complete agreement between the buyer and breeder.  No other guarantees, or warrantees, are expressed or implied.

I have read, understand, and agree to all of the conditions on these two pages of this contract for purchase of a puppy.

New Owner Signature _____________________________ Date ______ 

New Owner's Printed Names___________________________________

New Owner's Address________________________________________


Breeder's Signature______________________________ Date________

*A printed copy will be signed by Buyer and Breeder at time of purchase.

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