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Ruff's Cameo

Cameo is by Springwood's Hercules (brindle pied) and Ruff's Queen Dancing Creek "Vivi" (brindle).  Cameo is the sweetest soul ever!


Ruff's Precious Princess Peanut

Peanut is by PJ's Super Ruff & Ready "Java" (fawn) & Novafrogdogs Mountaineer Heidi (brindle pied).  Peanut only has one eye from an accident the first evening of life when her Mom picked her up by the head to move her in the bed and accidented punctured her eye with a tooth.  Peanut doesn't know any different and she is healthy and a great Mom.  Peanut has a big and happy personality.


Ruff's Sweet Pistol Annie

Annie is by Starlight Manly Go Happy "Cash" (cream) & Springwood's Peppa (fawn).  I got Annie from Nancy McMichael of Springwood Farm.  Annie is the life of the party, always happy and loving.


Ruff's 11 Years Of Precious Memories "Teagan"

Teagan is by CH. Seif Dune's Gilligan (cream) & Ruffs Lady Pebbles (brindle pied).  Teagan's pedigree goes way back with me.  Pebbles Dad was our Quigley and Mom was our Bella,  Bella's Dad was Java and Mom was our Reagan, Reagan's Dad was Popcorn and Mom was Nadya who was imported from Russia and my 2nd female French Bulldog.  Teagan is very athletic and never misses a thing.


Ruff's Love You A Latte

Latte is by Starlight Manley Go Happy "Cash" (cream) & Ruff's Shelly Ellie Oh (fawn pied).  Shelly is by Java & Nellie and since Java had passed away soon before Latte's birth we found it fitting to name her similar to her Granddad who we cherished and miss him terribly.  Latte is a sweet girl who gets along with everyone.


Ruff's Ella-Rae Princess Pea

Ella-Rae is by Starlight Manley Go Happy "Cash" (cream) & Ruff's Morgan Grace Lloyd "Morgan" (brindle pied).  Morgan is by my Draco and Gidget who I got from McCoy's Bullies.  I had planned on keeping Morgan but I met a sweet lady at the Vet's office who was caring for a dying English Bulldog and when he passed I sold Morgan to her and we agreed to breed her once so I could get a daughter from Morgan.  Ella-Rae is a sweetheart and is strong willed.


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If I don't reply to an email within 24 hours please pick up a phone and give me a call.  Computers are great when they are working, I would hate for a internet malfunction to stand in the way of you getting a new baby.  I always answer all of my emails.

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