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About Us at Ruff Around The Edges...

Hi, my name is Becky and I live in the North Western part of Virginia.  I am the person you will speak with at Ruff Around The Edges.  I live with my husband "Darrell", daughter "Samantha", granddaughter "Becca" and all our  animals.  We are all animal lovers and have had pets all our lives, we can't imagine life without our furry or feathered friends.

When you drive to our home you will drive about 12 miles off I-81 on peaceful country roads and will cross over the Little North Mountain which if you look off to the East you will beable to see the Shenandoah Valley on a clear day.  Once across the mountain you will be in a peaceful little valley where the wildlife is plentiful and the residents are friendly and trustworthy.  You will turn onto a gravel road and will travel less then a mile to our driveway going around Bonnet Hill and toward the Great North Mountain which divides Virginia from West Virginia.  Our home is on the back of 10 acres so you don't see our house from the road but the Bulldog on the mailbox tells you that you are at the right place.  Our driveway goes through the woods and past Darrell's log cabin "mancave" on a spring fed pond with a waterfall and is stocked with Bluegill, Bass and Crappy.  Down there we spend a lot of time fishing, having cook-outs and relaxing when the weather is nice.  Then you will drive past my Granddaughter's playground which is behind the mancave.  Past the pond, mancave/cabin, and playground you will come through a gate where our two Mules and three Donkeys live.  Then out of the woods and will be greeted by many Chickens who give us eggs daily and then you will pull up to our house.  We have a lot of dogs but most of them are pets that have been spayed or neutered or retired breeders.  All of our dogs came to us as puppies that we raised.  We never buy older dogs, especially for breeding.  We feel that you should raise the puppy up to get to know it and to make sure there are any health or personality problems with the dog that we could be passed to their puppies.  All of our dogs are housed inside the house with heat and a/c and sleep on furniture or blankets, whichever they choose. 

I bred English Bulldogs from 1996 to 2012, Boxers from 1998 to 2003, Penbrook Welsh Corgis in 2012, Australian Shepherds since 2013 and French Bulldogs since 2006. 

We are country people and live very simple.  We don't have a big fancy house and a paved driveway but live deep in the woods on a long gravel driveway way off the road to keep our dogs safe.  We are just 30 minutes west of I-81 and the Shenandoah Valley.  We are pocketed between the Little North Mountain and the Great North Mountain that divides Virginia from West Virginia.  Hope to see you soon.

Take Care & God Bless,

Becky Rohrbaugh


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